Cohen Center for Kansas History in Library

Cohen Center for Kansas History

Mary and Bart Cohen

The Cohen Center for Kansas History is dedicated to preserving resources in Kansas and inspiring research in Kansas History. The Center is in the southeast alcove of Learning Resource Center on the main campus and is the result of the generosity of Barton P. and Dr. Mary Davidson Cohen of Leawood, Kansas.

The Cohens' not only donated the funds to renovate the portion of the library which is now the Cohen Center, but also the 1,200+ books that currently comprise the collection. It is the dream of the Cohens' and Barton County Community College that these donations will provide the foundation for an ever-growing collection and a library that is constantly evolving as the center of information for Barton and the communities it serves.

Visitors are welcomed to the Cohen Center. In order to guarantee the maximum benefit from the visit, however, we do request that arrangements be made prior to the visit. This will ensure that appropriate staff and resources are available. Details on arranging the the visit as well as parameters for use of the Center are found in the Cohen Center Usage Policies and Procedures.

Digitization Project

Thanks to generous donations from Dr. Mary Davidson Cohen, Leawood, Rob and Trisha Dove, Great Bend, and the estate of Quentin Dressler, Barton Library is the proud owner of a publication scanner that digitizes books.

Our priority is the materials in the Cohen Center for Kansas History; however, we also intend to digitize other materials that are important to local and Kansas history. We will begin with books that are (a) fragile and (b) not under copyright restrictions. Books which have already been digitized and are are available open access (free to all) will not be digitized through the Cohen Project at this time. 

Cohen Center CatalogFeel free to view our list of digitized books. To view digitized files, search by title and/or author in the Cohen Center Catalog.